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Charter School

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Joshua Academy Understands that Learning is Growing.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing learning environment that allows children to uniquely develop into well-rounded individuals who can reach their fullest potential. Our Vision is to always provide a holistic, morals-based educational program preparing students to become responsible, caring and successful leaders in our community.

The school’s imaginative, integrated approach to learning is always focused on developing the whole child. Joshua Academy teaches all students how to give their best in both academics and character development. Through an exceptional educational program, we strive to challenge, motivate, and inspire our students to excellence, leadership, and personal achievement.

Filling the niche between private and public schools, we offer parents and students a choice to enroll in a school providing a unique learning environment, with the freedom to implement new teaching strategies and customize programs respecting the needs of the community.

Joshua Academy’s limited class sizes provide students with greater opportunities for participation, individual attention and improved instruction. Our curriculum incorporates agriculture instruction beginning with Kindergarten students. Via longer school hours, as well as an extended school calendar, Joshua provides students with additional instructional time and individualized learning. Providing young people with the opportunity for success at the elementary level, a challenging elementary education, and a working/learning experience that connects education to life lessons, is the Joshua Academy's three-pronged strategy for creating confidence, promoting lifelong learning and reducing achievement gaps.

Helping young people grow both as students and as individuals has been at the heart of the institution's mission for 15 + years. By combining a rigorous and challenging curriculum with a nurturing environment, the school has seen remarkable, measurable results in the performance levels of its graduates at this critical stage of their education.

At Joshua Academy, academic, artistic and athletic endeavors are all part of a balanced educational mix. And students are introduced to special programs in agriculture and agri-business in a way that puts lessons learned in the classroom into real-world, practical application.

Charter School
Tuition-free opportunities for K-7.
Every child's born an achiever! 2.5 to 4 yrs
Hands on Learning & Growing!