Back To School

Important Back To School Info Below:

  Joshua Academy believes that the following benefits are derived by the wearing of school uniforms by all of the students: 
  • The wearing of uniforms assists in instilling a sense of discipline within the students 
  • It helps students concentrate better on their school work 
  • It assists with student identification and safety in public places 
  • It allows the students to develop a sense of belonging to their school 
  • It reduces competitive dressing by relieving parents of pressures to purchase expensive brand name clothing
Basic Uniform K-5th Grade 
Tops- Navy short-sleeved polo, navy long-sleeved polo, navy sweatshirt with polo underneath. Undershirts must be white or navy. In the winter, plain white or navy turtlenecks may be worn under polo shirts and navy button-down cardigans are allowed. Navy hoodies with no lettering are also allowed. 
6th Grade Tops – Golden rod short-sleeved polo, golden rod long-sleeved polo, or golden rod sweatshirt with polo underneath. Undershirts may be white or navy. 
K-6th Grade Bottoms – Khaki uniform pleated pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers that are no more than five inches above the knee. No jeans/denim, cargo style, carpenter style, excess pockets, or designs allowed for bottoms. 
Socks – PLAIN Navy or White socks only Shoes- No clogs or heeled shoes. Socks must be worn with sandals. Tennis shoes must be laced and tied. 
Dress Uniform (Monday’s Only) 
K-5th Grade Tops – White button-down dress shirt tucked in. Boys-solid navy tie, Girlsnavy criss-cross uniform tie. Girls may wear a white sweater. 
6th Grade Tops – 6th Grade boys and girls wear a blue and golden rod striped tie. 

Instead of going shopping at your local store, let us do the purchasing for you.  Parents please pay $15 to purchase school supplies for your child.  Supplies will be provided to the classroom teacher for your child to use in the classroom throughout the school year.  Due to COVID-19 students will be provided with their own separate set of basic supplies for the classroom.  You may pay using this payment link, or by cash, check, or money order in the main office.  

Joshua Academy will provide a technology device to each student to support enhanced teaching and learning opportunities.  Parents understand that they must maintain their Chromebook, Tablet, and/or Document Scanner in proper working condition.  This device remains the property of Joshua Academy.


Technology Fee Structure

Device distribution – $25 annually per student


If a device is damaged or broken, the following repair/replacement charges, in addition to the technology fee, will be assessed:


1st repair/replacement occurrence – No Charge

2nd repair/replacement occurrence – $100 fee

3rd repair/replacement occurrence – $300 fee

Lost devices / Not Returned – $300 replacement fee


Parents may purchase optional insurance through a 3rd party vendor to cover any lost, theft, or damage to the device.

Joshua Academy is a Community Eligibility Program school.  All students receive free meals throughout the school day, including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and supper.  No lunch application is needed at this time.
Our annual textbooks fee is $150 per student.  Parents are provided with a discount of up to 50% if this fee is paid in a timely manner.  

We have made it easier for you to make payments for your bright ones accounts. You may still make payments by check, money order, or cash. You may now also use our online option of paying via paypal at the following link: https://www.paypal.me/JoshuaAcademy. When submitting a payment via Paypal, please put your students name and what the payment is for in the memo section. If you do not have a Paypal account; but, wish to pay via credit card you may request a virtual (emailed)  invoice and you can pay with your credit/debit card from that invoice. 


Payment Methods