We aspire to provide each of our students with safe surroundings, enlightening experiences, and the incentive to reach for the stars!

Joshua Academy’s Parent Teacher Fellowship (ptf)

There are many opportunities to get involved with the school through our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF). PTF helps to support student learning through hosting events, fundraisers, and parent networking opportunities.

The objective of the PTF is to provide a framework in which parents, teachers, and the administration, through effective communication work together for the best interest of the students’ academic, physical, and emotional development by:

Establishing a moral emphasis in PTF activities to encourage fellowship and growth among students, parents, teachers, and administration.

Encourage a cooperative relationship between school and home providing a structure through which parents, grandparents, etc. can be involved in Joshua Academy.

Promoting Joshua Academy programs including raising funds for the benefit of Joshua Academy.

Other activities to consider for parent involvement:

  • Snack provider
  • Field Trip chaperone 
  • Classroom Helper
  • Tutor (requires approval)
  • Help supervise lunch and recess times (requires approval)
  • Purchasing needed items for classroom
  • Sharing a skill with students
  • Classroom or school speaker
  • Leading a parent workshop
  • Office Helper