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- Foundational Learning and Growing

Joshua Academy Preschool is a private faith-based preschool for children ages 2.5 to 4 years-old. Our team proudly nurtures the spiritual and educational needs of our “Bright Ones”. Joshua Academy Preschool’s curriculum lays the foundation for a bright future. We hope your child joins in with their fellow “Bright Ones” so they can begin learning and growing with us!

Our methodology focuses heavily on positive affirmation, critical thinking skills, and a no-nonsense educational pedagogy. The educational philosophy of Joshua Academy Preschool is based on the assumption that every child can learn if given high expectations and the tools needed to be successful. Our curriculum is based on a classic education where teachers are constantly leading the students to make connections, to use parallel thinking, and to make inferences in what they are learning. The Socratic questioning method is employed to lead students to higher levels of thinking in all areas of their lives.


We are associated with the Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church and are students of the Marva Collins’ methodology. We strongly agree with educator Marva Collins, students are taught lessons from the Bible daily and religious instruction is incorporated into the curriculum and the classroom throughout the school day. We believe, as she did, that “every child is a born achiever.”

      – Our Mission

Joshua Academy Preschool’s mission is to provide a nurturing learning environment that allows children to uniquely develop into well-rounded individuals who can reach their fullest potential. Joshua Academy Preschool serves children through a curriculum that is conducive to all learning styles. Joshua Academy Preschool strives to provide a high-quality educational experience, similar to that of private schools to children who would otherwise not be able to afford such an experience.

Joshua Academy Preschool Enrollment Application


Pastor Larry A. Rascoe Sr.

Founder Joshua Academy Preschool

Ms. Dorothy Beh


Mrs. Dalerie Lyles

Office Coordinator

Mrs. Hannah Hastie

Teacher, PreK4 Sunshine Band

Mrs. Danielle Rollins

Teacher, PreK4 Precious Lambs

Mrs. Joyce Washington

Teacher, PreK3 Shining Stars

Mrs. Dawnn Davis

Teacher, PreK3 Doves

Mrs. Natalee Razor

Teacher, PreK3 Rainbows

Ms. Veltra Taylor

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Manique Norman

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Irese Obanor

Teacher Assistant

-Board of Directors

Amber Rascoe


Sharon Gillespie

Vice President

Kimberly Redding Treasurer


Joyce Washington


Tanya Harris

Carolyn Walters

John Bush

Tony Toney

Elder Timothy Baker


Joshua Preschool is an early childhood program in a safe, faith-based environment that provides a head start in literacy, math, and overall skills that prepare the community’s young students for a successful elementary school experience. Known as ‘the bright ones’, the students in Joshua Preschool benefit from a staff dedicated to the development of each and every individual. Whether students advance on to Joshua Academy or any other elementary school program, students perform at significantly higher levels due to the educational foundation laid at Joshua Preschool.